Grand Prize Winners
                           Sam Salazar                            $1500.00
                           George Reese                            $500.00
                            George Stahl                             $250.00
                           Sheila Entsminger                     $150.00
            2016 SPONSORS 

Findlay Shop Supply                                                                      
Sarka Construction 
J&M Designs
Nancy and Bob Broz
Jim Youngs  
FML Trucking
Forklifts of Toledo
Kathy and Tom Tahy
Carol Cartwright
Norma Deleon
Randy Szaller
Friendly Ron
Donate Life Ohio
Ovarian Cancer Connection
Jocker's Pub and Grubb 
Mary Dickey
Bradner American Legion
NAT Transportation
Harley Davidson Motor Company
Duane and Yvette Orians
Phyllis Gertison
Youngs family (Ron, Regan, Brad)
Tony and Rhonda Kracher
Brian Day
Arnold Vending 
Bugnar Sanatation                                                                          
Brad Youngs                                                                                                           
Craig Cook                                                                                       
Stahl Electric                                                                                   
Sherry Harris                                                                                   
Tom & Bonnie Weiker                                                                      
Clouse Construction                                                                        
Dave Story (tents and tables)                                                                                     
Pisandello’s Pizza                                                                             
Smokehouse bar (Kelly Weber)                                                       
Snuffy’s Bar                                                                                      
Slow Ride Bar                                                                                   
Silver Top Bar                                                                                 
Charter Steel 
Sam Johnson 
Barndt Funeral Home 
Charter Steel